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We live in a world where our lives and lifestyles are governed by government fiscal policies and reserve bank monetary policies.

These policies control and manipulate us by the amount of money they make available to us to create the opportunities we require to sell, purchase, grow and prosper.  

PROBLEM: The Fiat Based Model

Fiat money ("Cash") the currency invented to fuel trade and commerce is the most sought-after commodity that exists in the marketplace today.

Inherent problems caused by the insufficient supply of this commodity are rendering it increasingly less useful to fulfill the role for which it was intended and one of the main causes of many of the economic challenges of today.

OUR SOLUTION: The Alpha Economic Model

The Alpha Group of Companies ("Alpha Group") offers socially responsible businesses, individuals and not for profits ("Subscribers") who have the commercial foresight to look beyond the realms of conventional business conditioning and the money illusion a solution to the economic problems they experience from time to time by participating in the Alpha eMarket and or Alpha ePay, ("Alpha Economic Model" "Alpha Model") two innovative platforms created to assist subscribers combat the following challenges:
√ Rising inflation
√ Rising interest rates
√ Rising production costs
√ Rising living costs
√ Rising unemployment
√ Rising bankruptcies

The focal point of the Alpha Economic Model is the Alpha eMarkets. 

The summary below was not created to be an exhaustive insight into the purpose, features, benefits and use of the Alpha Model but more so to covey some of its more unique features. More in-depth information can be found on other pages of this site.

The Alpha Group Companies have created the Alpha Model which is used in tandem with the existing Fiat ("Cash") Based Model.

The Alpha Model consists of an innovative new age e-commerce platform called the Alpha eMarket and a fintech platform called Alpha ePay. The Alpha Model was created to assist BUSINESSES, INDIVIDUALS and NOT FOR PROFITS combat the economic challenges they face from time to time primarily due to their sole reliance on traditional payment methods such as note and coins, Visa and Mastercard and the sufficient supply of fiat ("Cash") currency in circulation.

This reliance makes them vulnerable to market forces beyond their control, not because there is no demand for their offerings but merely because the demand has been suppressed by their reluctance to keep abreast of the growing number of payment methods buyers seek to use for the purchase of their offerings. 

Alpha ePay is the world's first and only known Quadrural Currency Core Banking Style Transaction Processing Platform. It enables subscribers to record sales and purchases where payment is transacted on a Fiat dollar, Alpha gold dollar, Alpha reward dollar and or Alpha silver dollar payment basis.

Alpha ePay's primary feature is the Alpha Customer Loyalty Reward and Interest Free Finance Program ("Alpha Program"). Businesses use the Alpha Program to generate Alpha silver dollars at no additional cash outlay cost and intern use them as an added value reward to incentivise purchases from buyers paid for on an Fiat payment bases.  

The Alpha silver dollars can be borrowed interest free or received for free as a reward and intern used towards the purchase of a growing variety of products and services inclusive of vehicles, watercraft and property. Alpha silver dollars borrowed interest free may be repaid with Alpha silver dollars received for free as a reward or from selling unwanted items or providing services to other Alpha subscribers.

Alpha eMarket is the worlds only known Multi-Payment, Loyalty Reward e-commerce style marketplace. It enables sellers to promote their offerings and the payment methods they accept through the:
"Payment Method's Accepted", "Payment Method's Rewarded", and "Payment Method's Offered" listings.

The “Payment Methods Accepted’ listings promote seller's offerings and the payment methods they will pay or accept. Be those methods Fiat-Based such as Visa, AMEX, Pay Pal, After Pay and Mastercard etc., Crypto-Based methods such as Bitcoin and Ethereum etc. and or Alternative Currency-Based methods such as Alpha ePay, Bartercard and Qoin etc.

The "Payment Methods Rewarded" listings promote seller's offerings and the percentage of Alpha silver dollars buyers will receive back as a reward for purchases paid for by Fiat and or Crypto-Based payment methods, and the,

"Payment Methods Offered" listings promoting buyer's needs and their, offer to pay for their needs in Fiat, Crypto, or, Alternative Currency-Based payment methods and or a blend of Fiat and Alternative Currency.

The Alpha Economic Model assists:

BUSINESSES improve profits by up to 7,500% over discount/daily deal type models.

INDIVIDUALS lower living and borrowing and purchasing costs 

NOT FOR PROFITS improve liquidity through referral income

INVESTORS improve liquidity through a  forecast return  on investment of around 265% over the first four years of operation via monthly paid dividends.

The Alpha Model provides subscribers with the opportunity to achieve economic freedom through flexibility in the acceptance and use of multiple payment methods and currencies.


Opportunities exists for entrepreneurs to join the e-commerce and fintech economic revolution and:
● purchase a licence to commercialise the Alpha Economic Model for countries around the globe.
● partner with the Alpha Group as an investor.

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